Kaleidoscopic Kabara

We recently had the pleasure of sailing out to the Far Southern Lau group about 180 miles southeast of Taveuni to do a charter for very well traveled Australian Gentleman and his lovely lady. The island of Kabara was unknown to me and all the seafaring friends I have here in Fiji who know the Lau group well. We sailed down and found a fabulous pink sand beach with an excellent anchorage behind it with easy entrance. We spent our first day diving a series of pinnacles that hug the western side of the island while towing the dinghy behind us. It was nothing less than spectacular! The corals here were battling each other for light and space and the colors were nothing short of Kaleidoscopic. Purples, greens, pinks, blues, yellows and lavenders all  blurred together  into a spinning wheel of color. 

After a long day of snorkeling we enjoyed a spectacular sunset over the open sea and a candlelit dinner under a brilliant banner of stars. It was the first of many incredible days in Southern Lau.